Sam Smith & Kelly Clarkson
Lorde & Taylor Swift
Adam Levine & Katy Perry
Bruno Mars - Pink
Cobie & Phil
One Direction
XCX & Pharrell


BUSTED!  THIS is a contest that you can’t register for.  This is contest where being caller number 9 gets you nothing!  You can’t win on-line…You can’t win on air. 

All you have to do is listen to 101.3 the Coast where you work.  How hard is that?  Our street team will be randomly going in and out of businesses, salons, offices, and restaurants throughout St. Lucie and Martin Counties.  If they bust you listening to 101.3 The Coast, you are an instant winner! 

For the first time in your life you will actually WANT to get BUSTED! You could win massages, bar tabs, mani-pedi's, dinner at the area’s finest restaurants and much more.  So every day when you get to work, turn on 101.3 the Coast…and get BUSTED!


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